Do You Have An Existing Blocked Drain?

Blocked drains or sewers can be caused by a structural issue, like a damaged pipe or partial collapse which prevents the normal flow levels. Silt and debris may build up over time in the pipe too, causing the flow to back up. Add wet weather to the mix, and there is an increased risk of surface water flooding. All too often, drain blockages occur when fat, oil and grease congeals in the pipes over a period.

Unblocking pipes or keeping them free flowing, is about using the right equipment, and about understanding how drains and sewers work.

Do You Need Sewer and Stormwater Cleaning For Compliance?

Council and Water Authorities are in many cases, requesting CCTV and Laser Profiling on new stormwater and sewer systems after the construction and development of new estates and individual residential properties.

To achieve the best possible structural and operational ratings in the CCTV and Laser Profiling reports, the pipes need to be cleaned to remove any sand, polystyrene foam, timbers, grout or stones that may have entered the pipes during the construction phase.

The Solution

JetCam Victoria has a portable mini jet to clear small 90mm domestic pipes through to a Combination jet-vacuum truck for industrial stormwater drains and sewer lines up to 2100mm in diameter.

For projects with narrow access, pits located on rear easements or undeveloped industrial sites, we have a 4 x 4 easement reel and hose that allows to undertake cleaning whilst keeping our truck on firm ground.

Our equipment is industry accredited and uses high pressure water with specialised nozzles to remove a variety of materials i.e. grease, tree roots, sand and grout whilst maintaining the integrity of the pipe structure.

With the increased utilisation of GRP soft wall pipes, JetCam Victoria has developed a special range of nozzles and cleaning methods in conjunction with the guidelines set out by the manufacturer to ensure that the pipes are not damaged.

JetCam Victoria drain cleaning services
JetCam Victoria drain cleaning services

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