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Digi Sewer

JetCam Victoria is now able to offer a new stream of technology in Closed Circuit Television Video recording and reporting.

Our Digi Sewer camera has the capacity to take side scan images every 100mm as it travels along the pipe. Rather than relying on the camera technician to stop and look at the joints and defects, the Digi Sewer camera continues to scan the internal walls of the pipe in one continuous pass from manhole to manhole. Using this method we can document and view the pipe surface in one long image. On paper, the image of the pipe looks like it has been unfold into a two-dimensional plane. The process also gives us the advantage of accurately measuring real distances and areas of the pipe surface which is not possible in the traditional CCTV pipeline inspection.

We use the latest digital WinCan software to record the results of the surveys. Our clients receive:

  •  a comprehensive written report for each manhole to manhole inspection with coloured high resolution images together with a list and location of any defects, if applicable, and 
  •  a DVD with a series of continuous images and a PDF copy of each report and plans and additional photographs if required.

Clients can view the results on their own computers as we also provided with the Viewer software.










                  Traditional view of the relined pipe                                                                                                                          Two dimensional view of the relined pipe

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