CCTV Pipeline Inspections

The Purpose of a CCTV Inspection

Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) inspections are suitable on new and old sewer lines and stormwater drains to examine and document the structural integrity and operational condition of the pipes.

An inspection of a stormwater drain or sewer line will show you any potential problems, for example tree root ingress, pipe fractures or cracking, blockages or displaced joints.

We can complete CCTV surveys for any type of property; commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure such as aviation, roads, rail and utilities.

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Large Pipe Diameter Surveys

Using our mainline camera tractors, we can undertake a CCTV inspection on pipes ranging from 90mm through to 2400mm in diameter and in a variety of pipe materials.

We can complete a continuous CCTV survey on pipe lines, manhole to manhole, up to 500 lineal metres.

In our fleet, we have a four-wheel drive vehicle for rough terrain or undeveloped sites, and fixed and portable cables to access manholes with limited access.

Electronic Reporting

We use the latest internationally recognised software to record the results of the surveys. Our clients will receive

  • a comprehensive written report for each manhole to manhole inspection with coloured high resolution photographs together with a list and location of any defects, if applicable, other branch connections, flow direction, invert levels, and
  • a DVD with the film clips and a PDF copy of each report and plans and additional photographs if required.
Clients can view the results on their own computers (i.e. Windows Media Player), no specialised software is required.

Reports are available two days after the work has been completed in the field but we can also work with our clients to provide the information to them earlier. Please note projects with a laser profiling component will require the two days.

Industry Leading

Our CCTV Operators are experienced and qualified to Water Industry standards so the information we provide in the reports is consistent and reliable.

The reports we prepare meet industry standards and will be accepted by local Councils, Water Authorities and Consulting Engineers.

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